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I got greens and I got blues…

This weekend I ventured to a land where the gifted mostly toil in failure and obscurity and the non-talented reap riches and fame. The very city that thankfully brought us Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and Lucinda Williams but now incessantly assaults us with the likes of the Billy Ray Cyrus, Trick Pony, and others with corporately contrived careers. That land would be Nashville.

Despite what it sounds like, I love Nashville. If I ever got brave enough to pull up stakes and move for some supposed greener pastures, Nashville would be top on the list. Both of the assertions in the above paragraph are what makes Nashville so attractive. As with the Big Music industry that spawned around it, it’s slick and new, which means there are cool restaurants, shopping, and a good night life. The industry ties and it’s storied past make it a constant stop for up-and-coming and well-worn artists of very non-hick music. Which is what brought me there on this trip.

One of my favorite bands, The Drive-By Truckers, played the Cannery Ballroom this past Saturday. As a reward for working way too much lately, I decided to go. It was to be alone because a couple of individuals punked out on me but that was ok. But the trip, or concert rather, wasn’t what I was anticipating. Which seems to reflect my life lately, all hyped foreplay and unfulfilling climax.

I have seen DBT live three previous times and they are always a good show. It was my first time at the venue and was fairly impressed. The opening band, American Minor, was tolerable. I moved from my spot to go to the bathroom before DBT took the stage and returned to what I thought was a better spot. Which it was until the gaggle of taller than average, post-frat boy, sport coat and ragged ball cap wearing asshats arrived in front of me. Now not only could I not see shit, I had to endure their bragging about how much bucks they had dropped on booze the last two days and some pseudo-macho bragging of “don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”, which would sound more intimidating coming from Bill Bixby without his big green alter-ego. So I moved farther back in hopes of improving my view. Ended up behind a head banging jackass that was evidently hearing “For Whom the Bell Tolls” while everyone else was hearing songs about Valentine’s Day and John Henry Ford. His thrashing head and epileptic dancing brought him way too far into my personal space. Enduring about 30 seconds of him dancing closer to me than any man ever ought to, I VERY gently moved him a foot forward. From the dirty look I received I believe that he was under the assumption that the fact he was more or less dry humping me was MY fault. Then the sound suddenly sucked and I just couldn’t tolerate any more so I split. Luckily for me I have other….inclinations….that Nashville is good for and rallied on for new pursuits. And let’s just say the weekend was oh so saved.

Don’t let the negative review of the show stop you from seeing DBT if they make a stop in your area. The bad sound was not their fault. They are a great live experience, especially when the huge bottle of Jack gets passed around. The more lushed they get, the more storytelling goes on, which makes it all even better. The Drive-By Truckers produce some great Southern rock which is something I considered an oxymoronic phrase until I discovered them.


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As you can see, I may have become the punch line of a Jeff Foxworthy joke. “If you spend $1400.00 on a television and hook it up to rabbit ears, you might be a….”

With my new purchase, I get snowy, fuzzy channels in amazing, albeit sometimes ghosted, quality. In my defense, I am in the process of getting cable. I seem to have an outstanding debt owed to Cox Cable. Having recently plunked down the aforementioned $1400, the old checking account is on fumes. And until the tank is full, I’ll have to rely on my trusty rabbit ears and their 1970’s technology wrapped up in a new-tech black package. I do receive the local ABC and PBS channels along with the Memphis versions of ABC, Fox, and UPN. And thanks to my new TV’s built in high-def tuner, I get one ABC and four PBS hd channels, not to mention the local Christian channel is as-good-as-cable clarity for when I need to feed my guilt in between the downloading and viewing of internet porn.

Until the arrival of the cable man (non-pornographic variety), I have dvd marathons planned for The Godfather Trilogy, the Rocky Box-set, Band of Brothers, and the complete collection of Bengali Homemade Honeymoon Porn. May have to add some aluminum foil to the antennae to ensure the pink-haired woman can come in clear enough to sing/cry away my sin.

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Sad day…

Yesterday a friend of mine, BenC, lost his mother to cancer. I would like him and his family to know that they are in my thoughts and prayers. And I ask that any of you that read this or stumble across it later, please do the same. It was a long fight with an inevitable conclusion but that doesn’t make the pain of losing someone you love any easier.

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….so it begins. And with a ZZ Top reference to boot. And it’s less nationwide and more two or three people in two states wide, but it’s a start. Actually it should be titled, “Finally, finally, finally.” I have been wanting to try my hand at this blogging thing for quite some time. And while there have been some mitigating circumstances for my delay, laziness has played the most prominent role. Another reason has been not having much to say. Not exactly the best reason to start a site whose basic building blocks comes from posting one’s own musings. But after skimming through various blogs, having a dearth of things to say doesn’t seem to be an inhibiting factor for a lot of people.

And with that, it is my turn to join the multitude of meagerness out there. Not sure what this will amount to. Only real goal so far is for it not to fall victim to my laziness. Being “discovered” and somehow plucked out of my blue-collar existence would be beyond wonderful, but anything more than overcoming my procrastination would be gravy. Right now there are only a few pages which are more or less self-explanatory. More to come later. The look may be in a constant state of flux. I can’t seem to find one that completely satisfies me. Probably a shortcoming in me, not the templates. Also, please check out the blogroll to the right. Good friends with some good stuff.

I guess that is it for now. Not much for a “months in the making” post but at least I finally broke my blog cherry….

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