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Or so they say. It’s been a while since I have posted, mainly due to some parental issues. Moms turned off my internet when she caught me looking at naked photoshopped pics of Seven of Nine. You know, I moved into the basement for a reason.

Actually, the issues have been that both parents have been ill to different extents, my Mother concerning me the most. Factor that with working 12-hour days and being extremely lazy while recovering from said 12-hour days and I don’t get a lot done. I did manage the energy to travel to Nashville for a few days. While it’s not going extremely well, it has been good to get away. Was planning to write a day-by-day account but I hate typing on the damn laptop. And it’s not been too exciting. I have two more days so maybe I can get something post-worthy but I’ll probably be too lazy to post it when I get home, even if Mom turns my internet back on.

ps. I don’t live with my Mom. I’m a bachelor of the swinging variety. Really. No Mom upstairs. Besides, she let’s me look at all the naked pics I want.


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