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Friday afternoon, while doing some running around town, the car’s air conditioner stops working. It would blow cold for a bit, then not, then cold again. Later that night, I’d get five minutes of cold air, then nothing. It continued to do that all weekend, which is great when it’s 90 degrees with a heat index of 147 (give or take). Had a friend say it was just a relay going bad. My father suggested it could be the radiator fans not working or low coolant. Checked radiator and yes, it was low. Cool, problem solved. Drove the car to check the air and I made it less than a quarter mile when the temperature gauge shot all the way to nuclear. Well, it’s now either the water pump or thermostat. It was the thermostat, which can be easily fixed for under $20 and an hour or so of time. Unless you are as mechanically declined as me. I get it fixed for the cheap price of $100 because I can’t work on anything, much less something of the cheap Southeast Asian persuasion MY car is. My mechanic, who is a friend, would’ve fixed it for at least half that, if not less. But considering I couldn’t make it to the end of the street much less the 20 miles to his shop, I had to find another alternative. Fortunately Cooter left Hazzard County and moved down the road. Somehow my father dug this dude up from the phone book and let him redkneck me a new thermostat. For a $100. There’s more . . . .

On top of the car trouble, I get informed once I get to work Monday night that I get to cover for another guy. As if working 48 hours in 4 days isn’t fulfilling enough, I get to work two, if not three of HIS 12 hour days, which means that I get to work 72 hours in six days. His grandmother passed away and he needs time off for the funeral. He can work on one of his OFF days for some extra dough but he needs off two of his regular scheduled work days. One to go to the funeral and the other to go see Nickleback in concert. Because, you know, Gramm’s would’ve wanted it that way. And yet, there’s more. . . .

A good friend of mine is getting married this weekend. I found out through a mutual friend that I work with. “Hey, you going to Fuckstick’s wedding?” Well, apparently not. Last I’d heard, Labor Day weekend was more likely than not the date and they were looking for a reception place. That was March. I knew the clock was ticking but I figured I’d get an invite in the mail or at least a “yo, jackass, wedding at. . . .” phone call. But, I got. . . . nothing. And yes, there is more. . . .

I didn’t rate a wedding invitation but The Ex did. A woman he only knew because she was my girlfriend. A woman who he listened to me bitch about, scream about, and cry about when she broke my heart. A woman who became “The Ex” when I caught her in bed with a 17-year-old boy (she was 23). They never hung out unless it included me. SHE gets an envelope stuffed, stamped and mailed with love, proper invitation. Me, the person who stuck with him when his Baby’s Momma booted him out, helped him with the drama with the bitch he dated after that, and who did his best to keep him from straying from the woman he is now marrying, gets D-listed out of the wedding. I think enough is enough status has been achieved.


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MAFIAoZA’S – Great pizza and Italian food with a bar. It stays open until 3am (except Mondays, on which they are closed) and that beats the shit out of having to eat at Denny’s or IHOP. Again.

New York Café and Deli – More pizza along with gyros, subs, salads, and a lot of other stuff. They do deliver but I am not sure to how big of an area. They open late afternoon (I believe) and stay open until 5am.

Café Coco – Very eclectic menu and open 24 hours. Can be very crowded and only one free refill per meal. Just take the food outside (weather permitting) and enjoy. It’s worth the sometimes hassle to order.

Mothership BBQ – Stumbled across a review of this place while strolling the internet. It’s hard to find if you don’t know your way around Nashville (and if you do) but it’s definitely worth the effort. It’s located in a house and has really bad, and by bad I mean cool, 70’s album covers adorn the walls. I’ve read multiple good reviews of the ribs and the sides but all I tried was the pulled pork and it was great. The sauce is different from what I’m used to (kind of watery) but was really good. The women’s room is supposed to be a site to behold but I didn’t venture to find out for myself.

Music (Buy/See):

Phonoluxe Records – According to the reviews, the staff has been found to be rude and “too cool for you” but I’ve never witnessed it. Most people of their ilk usually think that. I worked at a record store years ago and felt my musical tastes were better than most and I listened to shit music. Guess most people get cranky when they won’t take their Gretchen Wilson cd’s The store is not that big and not complicated. It’s organized into genres and if you know your ABC’s, you can find that new Nickleback without bothering them. The prices are comparable to other stores (except for dvd’s, those are high). Just because they know that the Scandinavian promo-only King Diamond cd is worth more than the $5 you want to pay for, don’t gripe at them. It is a bitch to pull out of their lot but it’s easier if you just plan on making a left turn and try to find another place to switch directions if you need to.

The Great Escape – Used cd’s, dvd’s, and comics. I once crossed this place off my list but I’ve dropped by my last couple of times in town and found it to be worthy again. A good variety of selections, I can always find stuff I wanted, whether it’s something popular or under the radar. I don’t know much about the comic side (I’ve almost excised that part of my geekness) but it’s always busy when I’m in there.

Grimey’s New and Preloved – Their new stuff runs towards the indie crowd so go elsewhere if you’re aching for the new Justin. As for the used, you can just about find anything. My only gripe is that they just group everything by letter only so you generally have to look through it all to find what you want. While it may result in running across something you didn’t know you wanted, it’s very time consuming. Can be worth it if you can spare it.

Exit/In – Cool place to see a show. Small with good sound. Check out the wall to the right of the stage for the motley array of people who have played there.


Opry Mills Mall – From the ashes of the Opryland Amusement Park rose the criterion of outlet shopping. There are some good stores there, if not at necessarily at “outlet” prices, and the food court is better than any other mall I’ve ever been to. They have massage chairs there that will beat the hell out of you for just a dollar and you’ll feel the better for it. It’s worth the traffic and the long walk from the parking lot just for the people watching.

Hustler Hollywood – There is a coffee shop, some cool t-shirts, and . . . um . . . yeah, porn. While looking at porn in a brightly lit chain store without the raincoat crowd is a still strange experience to me, it’s a cool place. Porn or no porn. Ok, the porn helps.

There is, of course, more to do but I’m lazy. And as far as those kinds of clubs of which I wrote about in the post about my last visit, I can’t do it all. You’ll have to sort that out for yourself. Besides, the less of you that are there, the more there is for me. Can’t have anybody cock-blocking my chances for rejection action.

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Put them in a blender and you get Idlewild, and by Idlewild, I mean blah.  Basically a 90-minute OutKast video with Prohibition-era South as the backdrop.  I was nearly a history major in college but I don’t remember any teachings about black performers in backwoods 1930’s-Georgia rapping about Cadillacs, hot tubs, and being pimps.  And I doubt their female stage performers danced around topless and waving fire dangerously close to their breast implants, but I did skip class a lot.

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The woman, for telling me she’ll let her sister lick her nipple for a Jack and Coke?

Or. . . .

Me, for buying the Jack and Coke and watching the nipplecest take place.

For some reason I feel extremely. . . . un-disgusted about myself. What does that say exactly?

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The Wheels Car goes round and round over and over. . . .

Baby’s Momma had a wreck. If I ever start posting regularly, I’ll add a “Cast of Characters” page but for now I’ll make the background story short to help the uninformed. Baby’s Momma is a woman that I dated for a couple of months (and I use that term very loosely) during spring of last year. Up until her husband was released from prision. Yeah, you read that right. She is the mother of three children, two aged 12 and 14 that live with their father and a 2-year-old who lives with her and is basically fatherless (those details for another time). Suffice to say that baby (2-year-old) captured my heart. Baby’s Momma and I are no longer dating but still hang out and occasionally relive the past in a nude and sometimes vertical fashion. I generally get to see Baby once a week but since it looks as if I’ll never get to reproduce (to mankind’s benefit), Baby is the closest thing I have to a child of my own and, unfortunately, I am the closest thing the poor girl has to a Father. Kind of a win-lose situation. Plus, calling her “Baby’s Momma” is better than using“Tweak” in honor of what was once her favorite pastime addiction. Ok, so it was not short introduction. Anyway. . . .

Baby’s Momma has been teaching the older daughter to drive and after going to pick them up for a week visit, she let the daughter drive home. She made her daughter pass a car and she clipped a truck and rolled the car, ending up in on it’s roof, in a ditch. Number one, thank God no one was hurt and number two, thank God Baby wasn’t with them. All three of them got muddy and smelled rather swampy but not a scratch one, just a little soreness. The State Patrol had the car towed before Baby’s Momma could back with help to get it out but the craziest thing was that when she went the next day to get it, the car not only started but was drive-able. Nothing but a cracked windshield and a slightly wobbly tire. And a bit of the old swamp funk as well. The car was a piece of shit BEFORE the wreck. Amazing all around.

The post of the Nashville trip and new happenings with The Fling coming when computer quits being a bitch.

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Made a couple of updates. . . .

Put up my most recent pic so all you needy honies can get a bead on my Hotness.  Offer it up ladies.

Also, finally made a couple of entries on the Ignominious page.

I know the world is breathless with the anticipation of reading about my adventures in Nashville.  It’s coming soon.  Got to feed the buzz.

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That’s right…
Arsonist Radio

Yeah, sounds like a big ol’ sausage party, huh? Well you’d be wrong! This show will be informative and fun for ALL genders! The guys will learns stuff! The gals will learn stuff! The gays will educate our troglodyte asses! The hermaphrodites will makes us wish they didn’t have web cams! And (most importantly) we’ll all enjoy some (insert “extreme-style” adjective) rock!

But wait, there’s more – Gann will tell us about his peculiar run in with a homeless person! Ben will talk about getting off of (legal) psycho-reactive drugs! Bionic-J will explain why his new job is wearing him out! It’s all down to earth, “keepin’ it real (poor)”, ball-breakin’ shenanigans in the manner that ONLY Arsonist Radio could deliver – unprofessionally!

And don’t forget that chat room and skype (www.skype.com)! We’re a 100% interactive show! Let us know what YOU wanna hear!

Every Thursday @ 8 p.m. (cst)

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