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Bling Blam . . . .

Watching Blood Diamond last night brought my attention to an important issue that I feel the world has let slip by unnoticed.  It’s time the world wakes up and focuses its attention to what is the hellacious hotness of Jennifer Connelly.  Goodness, she hasn’t looked this great since she was trapped in a Target store in a wife-beater, on top of a rocking horse.  She’s definitely worked her way up to near, if not the top of my List.  Yes, I have a List.  I know it may sound a bit piggish but I don’t have a lot to do.  It’s not like I’m going to read a book or something.  I may post it sometime but I am not sure I want the world to no the extent of my dirty old man-ness.

Jennifer wasn’t all of Blood Diamond.  Simply, the movie was very good.  It was a little preachy but I didn’t find it as much as some reviewers did.  Leonardo DiCaprio gave a very good performance.  As strong as the one he gave in The Departed.  The movie was a little long but not enough to detract from it.  I’ve read in other places that some believed the romance between Connelly and DiCaprio felt contrived.  I disagree with that.  It may have been a little sappy in the end but I felt the romance was more subdued than usual.  The norm for most Hollywood action movies would have the two fornicating through the jungle.

On its own merit, Blood Diamond is worth seeing.  But any movie that tries to bring attention the world’s tragic ignorance of the beauty of Jennifer Connelly is something that should be required viewing.


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Please, this. . . cannot. . . be. . . true.  The good times.  The fun with friends.  The Purple.  Just.  Can’t.  Be.  Over.  Life is no longer worth living.

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