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9/11/07 . . . .

Below is a letter-to-the-editor that I wrote on the day following the events of September 11, 2001:

Just as it must have been after Pearl Harbor, our nation finds itself, perhaps irrevocably, changed.  I awoke Wednesday to air that, despite the 1186 miles between here and New York, no longer smells, feels, or even tastes the same.  And just as in 1941, our nation again stands at a crossroad, one that surely leads to war.  I have read Kurt Vonnegut, seen such movies as Platoon and Saving Private Ryan, and I have seen all episodes of M.A.S.H., all of which conclude war is horrific, devastating, and ruinous.  Simply, to quote General Sherman, “War is Hell.”  And it should be declared today.

Our Nation, the ideas and principles at its very core, as well as its people both as a whole nation and as individuals, has been attacked.  It’s an attack that should be returned ten-fold.  It has been reported that authorities are 99% sure that the man behind these tragic events is Osama bin Laden.  Excluding Tuesday’s attacks, Bin Laden is a man personally responsible for the death of and injury to at least 7000 people across the world since 1993.  The only punishment to follow these transgressions were a couple of indictments and trials and some missile attacks on various camps and facilities.  All basically amounting to the slapping of a pestering child’s hand.  It is time to stop slapping and start eradicating.

We must seek out and destroy terrorism, starting with Bin Laden, Afghanistan, and any nation that has helped or harbored him in any way.  America needs make a strong and decisive example to prevent this from occurring again.  We may be the only remaining super-power but years of pacifism and facile retaliation have revealed the cracks in our armor.  These times call for full-scale war, not just the impotent tossing of missiles.  If America does not take a stand now, we can expect more acts of terrorism in more ingenious ways and with even higher death tolls.  In the words of Senator John McCain, “God may have mercy on you, but we won’t.”

Six years later, I still stand by that sentiment.  My information may have been hastily gathered and may/may not be totally accurate, but I feel the point I was trying to make is a valid one.  And sadly, a forgotten one.  I hoped that in the wake of 9/11 that this nation would pull itself up by its bootstraps as it did in the months and years following the attack on Pearl Harbor but that wasn’t meant to be.  Our country is too caught up in ugly celebrity moments and the hot-missing-blonde-of-the-week to notice all the coming together we did that September day is gone.  9/11 is now a day for the networks to trot out the tear jerking specials for sweeps, the President to whip up a couple of percentage points for his approval rating, and now class action lawsuits.  I think that says all it needs to about America when even in the face of a tremendous tragedy, we can still be litigious.


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I got the football pool sheet filled out with definite winners, my team in both fantasy football leagues built for a championship, and I’ve got 50 wings ready to be grilled to caribbean jerk perfection.  Let the geekness begin . . . .

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Bang bang . . . .

Just finished watching Shoot ‘Em Up.  It didn’t suck but I think it was too ridiculous, too over-the-top.  The fact that the gaggle of under-21 boys that also watched loved it either drives home my point or proves that I’m just too old to get it.  Hollywood lies. Most hookers don’t look this hot.

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The Weekend . . . .

I had five days off to memorialize my Memorial Day weekend.  What did I do? Basically nothing.  I watched a couple of movies.  Grilled some wings and watched the first big college football game of the year.  Got laid (yay, me).  That’s about it.  Well, there was one other thing.

The highpoint was when I went to visit The Ex Friday night.  I got there around 11 and the kids were still up.  MowHullet had a headache so I didn’t get to hang with him much.  Tried to convince him that me thumping him on the nose would cure his headache.  He was highly doubtful until I asked would I lie to him.  He didn’t figure I would.  They are so cute when they are young enough to still be naive.  I let it slide.

My Toes decided it was time to get my hair did again.  Despite my protests that I didn’t have enough hair for it, her inspiration that night was to make my do look like Elvis’s.  Evidently it took a big brush, 4 ponytail holders, a small clippy, and a barrette to get The King of Rock and Roll’s hair in shape.  Thankfully (Sadly?) there were no pictures this time.  I think I left with less hair than I came with.

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Watched Rob Zombie’s version of Halloween.  I am a little conflicted as to whether I liked it or not.  First of all, John Carpenter’s original Halloween is one of my all-time favorite horror movies.  It’s not that it scared me, it’s just good.  That simple. I n addition to that, I generally don’t like re-makes.  Occasionally you get an Ocean’s 11 that is as good or better than the original but for the most part, I can do without them because they generally suck.  I basically went into this movie with a closed mind so you can probably take this review with a grain of salt.  Guess I’ll just point out the goods v. the bads.

Bad:  My biggest complaint (and I knew this going in) is that I feel Zombie took what was the fundamental element to what made the original a good story.  In the 2007 version, Michael is a mentally unstable child who has suffered the wrath of an abusive, alcoholic step-father, an uncaring older sister, school bullies, and the white trash indignity provided by a stripper mom.  Michael is evil because of his environment which basically reduces him to your typical serial killer.  In Carpenter’s original, Michael was evil simply because he was evil.  Evil without an explanation is not only more scary, but more compelling.  Second, I felt the movie got bogged down in the first half with all the back story.  And last, keep the fucking camera still.  This isn’t Blair Witch Project or NYPD Blue.  I know it’s supposed to add a sense of realism, which worked in Blair Witch, but I don’t believe there was someone following Micheal around with a camcorder to document his day.  This is a big budget Hollywood movie, quit trying to give me a headache.

Good:  It wasn’t as gory as his usual stuff.  There were a lot of titties.

I think the bad wins out.  The audience I watched it with sucked and probably affected my judgment.  There is an old joke about watching a scary movie with a theater full of black people.  Well they proved that stereotype this night.  Maybe I’ll give it another watch on a less crowded night and reassess my opinion.  Think I’ll go back to my usual style of movie reviews, they seem to make a better point.  There’ll be no “Hottness” in this one.  In the original, all the hot high school girls actually looked like hot college girls.  Despite the fact that the girls in the new one are old enough to be hot college girls, they really look like hot high school girls.  I just cling to the hope that they all the characters were seniors so I don’t regret typing the titty comment.

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